“I bring together an idea, its creator, its owner, a proven development method and the resources required for success”

Dr Deborah Kuchler :: Consultant | Speaker | Policy Advisor | Company Director


I work with a structured organisation’s ideas to help the organisation be better, do better. Everyone connected to an organization has ideas borne out of their creative instincts, but not every idea can be developed into value. I capture, consider, combine and develop ideas until either they contribute to fulfilling organisational goals or are stored for reconsideration later. I use a proven method to realise idea value including coding ideas into those that have not reached their time, those that deliver marginal value, those where the payback factor is worth while and those that are truly powerful, truly pivotal, that make a significant difference to a structured organisation’s success. My practice is the result of lifelong work, dedicated to ‘selecting and giving great ideas value’ often through collaborations and partnerships with others. I bring the complexity of idea management to life, for structured organisations. This passion has seen me at the forefront of innovation and intellectual property (IP) development for over 25 years, from starting and building technology companies, to specializing in complex, structured organisations and setting policy and advising Federal, State and Local Governments on innovation and legislation.


I bring together the elements to stimulate and collect ideas, consider and select those which have potential value and then resource them until they contribute to achievement of an organisation’s goals. I provide the governance, protection, methods and frameworks needed to nurse the idea through the value creation journey, until it finally contributes to growth. I understand that its one thing to have an idea, but quite another to develop it into value. Often, the idea creators are not the ones who can realize its potential.


For me, no idea is too big or too small. It might be as simple as working with an idea to make the best possible organisational decision. Or it might be a new technology, a process, or a product like an app. With experience spanning health services, hospitals, government, corporations, not for profits and universities, I am able to engage and communicate in a strategic manner to this diverse range of stakeholders. Whatever, your desired outcome, I can provide mentoring, coaching and services to help assess and develop an idea. I change the achievement possibilities in using ideas to help structured organisations be better and do better.

More detail available at https://au.linkedin.com/in/dr-deborah-kuchler-b5101a2