Building a culture of ideas

The role of ideas is to solve problems and obstacles getting in the way of doing better and being better. Ideas don’t perform to their potential in this role, unless a problem and its obstacles are clearly defined.

The first step in building a culture of ideas in highly structured organisations, is to develop an Idea Generation Strategy. The steps to a structured Idea Generation Strategy are:

  1. If possible, create a secure intranet site for sharing of all Matters of Ideas and a sub-area for the Idea Generation Strategy
  2. Put all of the following information in the sub-area
  3. Clearly articulate the mission, aims and objectives of the organization
  4. Decide on an area of the organization that needs to be better and do better
  5. List the problems that are hampering this area of the organisation
  6. Create a team of people to prioritize the problems for their current impact on the organization, big impacts, medium impacts and small impacts
  7. Choose which problems to solve. These will be used to start the building of an idea culture
  8. Put a lot of effort into describing, defining and clearly characterizing the problem
  9. Decide whether the problems chosen will have resources allocated to them for idea generation.
  10. Create an ideation plan.

Share your idea generation strategy experiences with us?

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