Ideas need our attention

The whole idea of an idea is fascinating.

My interest in ideas comes from working with ideas as raw material to help shape strategies, which are then implemented to hopefully improve and grow business. Ideas are raw material to a value chain of events that might use the idea in its raw or improved form, store the idea for another time or combine the idea with another to get more value.

Ideas are the engine that drives businesses and humans to do their best, to overcome enormous constraints and to achieve small and big goals. Humanity has a natural tendency to create, build and improve, all using a capacity to generate ideas.

Whichever form it takes, an idea is always made of inspiration. The magical substance that starts with “what if…” has the potential to transform things.

The most significant accomplishments that originate from an idea, almost never result from a sudden insight, a single light bulb moment, but from the mixing of several ideas and an investment of resources resulting in a compounding and hopefully positive effect.

Importantly, not all ideas need to be new. They might be existing ideas from another business, industry or market sector, applied in a new context, pivoted if you like. Also only part of the idea may be used or part of it combined with another idea. Aren’t ideas fascinating?

An idea needs attention to assess and validate its value. It needs attention so it will grow and be realised. It has to be put in its right place, a place where it is meant to be, for now anyway.

Importantly, someone’s idea is their idea and until it is matured and productised, no one really knows the idea like its creator. With attention, the idea will change and take on form and function. It will leave its creator behind and instead of being part of the creator, it will rest in its rightful place, part of a bigger picture.

Ideas build confidence in staff. If they are given attention, they encourage staff to think bigger, and continue to think bigger and come up with more ideas. By giving ideas attention, staff are encouraged to see things differently, and to be their best.

Have you ever taken an existing idea and used it in a different context to improve your business?

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