Highly structured organisations are powerhouses of ideas

People ranging from highly skilled through to unskilled, staff highly structured organizations. These organisations’ are large and complex and can have areas that have remained unchanged for some time. Carefully selected ideas are a source for improvements.

In striving to be better, we think of ideas. We use these ideas to fulfill our hope we will do better, either immediately or in the future. An idea as a seed is often sown many years before it is acted upon. For many years, whilst the idea lies in the back of mind, it is mulled over, thought about and looked at from many angles.

People within highly structured organisations’ will often say to me they have been thinking about an idea for many years but they have been waiting for the right time to pick it, craft it and put it into its right place.

I myself had the idea that I wanted to go into business from the time I was very little and it took another 17 years before the time was right to act on it.

In striving to be better and do better, we grow. With growth we become more effective. We grow as people, we grow as organisations and businesses and we grow as governments and communities. Thus, the society we live in grows, and so, idea’s are “everyone’s business”.

Do you have a growth story, caused by an idea, and that you would like to share with us?

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