Why are ideas important?

In my previous post, I observed that there is a link between our drive to do-our-best and the generation of new ideas. Here I would like to discuss why ideas are important and would like to hear your views.

In my previous blog, I observed a link between our drive to be better and do better and the generation of new ideas. Here I would like to discuss why ideas are important and would like to hear your views.

Seeds for Growth Opportunities

In talking with people who have got their organizations into tough situations, they have said they call on their imagination and creativity to come up with ideas to get them out of trouble. Their imagination and the application of their ideas saved the day while they grew out of the situation.

We all have a mind. This mind naturally generates ideas, which if crafted to fit a purpose, will reap richness and growth. Many people are employed for the quality of their mind, whether it is for the general or specialist knowledge it holds or its insight, intuition and experience.

Thus, growth within organizations comes from the collective richness of the minds of their people and the ideas they generate.

Every staff member has at least one idea that may help the organization to grow and do better. Ideas are therefore central to the future of organisations.

I have observed, that generally people do not realize how many ideas are born per person, and understand how these can be harvested and crafted to generate organizational growth.

In today’s information age, new ideas are the most important as a source of growth opportunities.

An Idea Can Change Everything

In an idea lies the potential to change the world. But how do we make it do that? And what else is needed?

Every Idea has its own brilliance. Most people can tell a story about an incredible constraint that was overcome by an amazing idea that resulted in a valuable outcome.

The world in which we live today is the result of ideas that have changed everything.

Henry Ford changed the way in which people moved around by aggregating many different existing ideas to create a cheaper car.

Professor Ian Frazer and his team have saved millions of lives through their idea that a vaccine might be able to prevent cervical cancer in women.

Many people understand that a single idea can change everything but many organizations’ do not know how to harvest, develop and implement their ideas. Management of ideas should not be a distraction to the main game, but should be an integral part of day-to-day operations.

Have you worked in an organization that fully uses their ideas to be better and do better?

So how do you assess and manage ideas to get them into their right place? Share your experiences with us…

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